It almost worked.

Before I admit failure, I did spend 6 hours today working on a game. A kind of ancient Japan remake of Paperboy (not a clue).

The concept worked out fine and I got the Java Script game loop and event handling working fine (after dropping any notion of using OOP) but towards the end I stumbled upon BaconGameJam after seeing a post on Ludum Dare, its another 48 hour game jam organised on Reddit… and it was starting in 6 minuets!

The theme: Reverse Perspective

Take the usual idea or stigma of a game and do it from the opposite perspective.

So this throws my plan out the window somewhat, the next 48 hours will be devoted to coding the game and ruining it with my artistic flatulence.

Stay tuned….

create, learn

Forward Fast-Mo-Fo-Fourier-Transform Disco LEDs

The fundamental idea here was to simulate Low-Pass, Band-Pass and High-Pass filters using computer processing and use them to drive a set of LEDs.. or in short, make some funky disco lights.

This is an idea I’ve had since first getting an Arduino last year and watching this video of the same concept implemented using only analogue components. Whilst that approach would be a lovely foray into the world of EE principles, it seemed slightly old-fashioned and not quite educational enough (I would just be following somebody else’s plans).

I guess this brings me to an important point, this blog isn’t meant to be ground-breaking, or even mildly interesting. It’s just my place for writing up (consolidating if you will) whatever projects and new activities I do. I’m quite rusty on computer techniques and just leapt into the second year of a BSc Computer Science with my 6 year out-of-date programming knowledge. So in this project I aimed to get up to scratch at some ideas involved in Java applications, but with some end result that isn’t another “Hello World!”.

Music plays.. Lights flash.. ok so its not Deep Blue

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iPhone Orienteering w/

Sitting around late one night with a friend of mine on a regular trawl of YouTube for anything epic fail related we came across a trailer for the movie Splinterheads. It features a rather attractive and cool/bad-ass carnival girl who is uncharacteristically keen on the somewhat nerdy sport of GeoCaching. Skipping ahead we soon found ourself walking through an dubious nearby lane besides Keyham train station in Plymouth, UK  looking for a hidden 35mm flim container. To our amazement, we found the container and more importantly confirmed that there is actually an epic international treasure hunt happening all around us, present in nearly every country in the world – 1,300,000+ hidden caches according to the official website stat!

Not content with merely digging around the shadows of Plymouth’s suburbs, I wanted some more adventure, the kind glamorised by Galaxy in the movie when she leaps from a waterfall to retrieve goodies hidden at the bottom of a crystal clear mountain river.. Ok, my expectations are a little high for the likes of Devon but never the less a short search on the website unveils a series of caches along the South West Coast Path.. So the next day while the sun was bright and the weather was sweet I set off in search of countryside goodies – and here are my pics!

— These pics contain SPOILERS, so if your big on GC then you might not want to read further! —

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