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BaconGame with Jam!

Finished the BaconGameJam with 44 seconds to spare (check the timelapse)..

To save repeating myself, here’s my quick post-mortem on

You just entered a village and people have a thing they want and a thing they don’t want, along with a clue to offer you.

As far as being on theme, well..

Original Idea: Joe public living in a generic GTA city has his car stolen on the way home and has a small quest in getting home, 4 districts with 4 quests before getting home.

Problem: Engine was becoming too complex with multiple districts, and GTA style graphics were proving.. well, crap.

Idea 2: Elderly game character (think FFVII’s Cloud but about 80 years old) has a small adventure trying to do his daily chores, get milk, newspaper etc..

Problem: Running out of time, couldn’t pick a character.

So in the end what is left is basically a demo of the ‘engine’.. I stripped down the inventory system (it supports picking up and dropping multiple objects) and in the end came up with this simple puzzle problem.

Pros: I think the simple puzzle idea is the one I should have stuck to in the first place, RPGs have no place in 48 hour competitions if your building an engine from scratch.

Con: It doesn’t really fit in with the theme.. Errr, reverse perspective of giving things to people and getting something in return???…… NO. No matter how much I think about it, I cant just get this to fit in..


Tech: HTML5 (CSS, Javascript, HTML)

Tools: sfxr (

Ambient music: Ambient 8-bit by Masl123 (


Everything else was made from null (teehee) during the 48hours

Thanks, Andy

Description on BaconGameJam

If you want to check the game out, it’s hosted on my personal server at:

I can sum up the whole experience by saying – it was fun working alongside so many other people at the same time, it was exciting to have such a short deadline and it was by far the quickest way to learn a language! I knew little to no javascript 48 hours ago, but now I can code quite fluently and understand the structures well..

Points for Ludum Dare – Plan the game more, think about graphics.

And finally, enjoy the timelapse (sorry, provide your own music, and play in fullscreen ;):


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